Date : April 24, 2024


Lottery tickets under the Japanese lottery game, but you can follow their history of way back to the 1630s, the country of the Japanese government meaning name Takarakuji the "luck of the lottery" or "lottery" (lottery) When you start the sales, modern Japan of lottery games, began in October 1945.

Local Japanese government, then in 1946 is allowed to run the Takarakuji lottery, Japan country administration them exclusively Japanese lottery in 1954 when you relinquish control of the game of Japan's lottery.

Japan lottery games are fully approved by the Minister of the Interior in accordance with the actual operation of the lottery that local councils and itself has been handed over to the bank.

Various banks, Dai, has operated a more recent major player in Japan of lottery games since 1945 that is.

In general, Japanese lottery is a lottery, you can traditional or any of the pre-printed those numbers or players that are configured in the traditional style of lottery games to choose their own lottery numbers I have a lottery.

And Japan, the maximum lottery, indeed, throughout Asia, is a Japanese jumbo draw, we are going to take a more detailed look that here ...

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