Date : July 19, 2024

18 million more than the prize money will be paid in the green jumbo lottery of Japan.

Please participate in the richest lottery in Asia from anywhere in the world!

Japan Jumbo Draw are paying in lottery of all of the biggest and best Japan Takara Kuji ("treasure" and "Fortune"). In fact, except for the draw of El Gordo Spanish, it is the largest lottery draw in the world.

And, it is a draw there is a chance that a small number of people to win so far very outside of Japan. During the time the ticket you are limited to before each draw in Japan of jumbo, draws Mizuho Bank are sold exclusively. And because it has been popular drawing so much, announced ticket sales, before the sale period ends, all tickets immediately often ... and stop as has been sold. This is foreign players will leave little opportunity for participation naturally. In fact, until 2003, prior to entering the Japanese jumbo lottery draw, it is not distributed to the players living abroad.

Possibilities are truly astounding. And, all of the prize money, the Japanese government tax of totally free, paid collectively. They especially if you live outside of Japan - Most people do not get the opportunity to play Japan jumbo draw. You're in the lucky ones. However, tickets for overseas players are limited, so you must be reserved in advance, please note.

So if you want to enter the draw, we need to know before February 28, 2015